ShiftLeft Software was started by Scott and Elizabeth Kelley to develop the AmFn™ Amortization Functions, an open source software project. Scott is a software developer whereas Elizabeth is in marketing. We maintain the Amortization Functions (AmFn) dual licensed under Apache 2.0 and MIT, your choice.

Scott Kelley

Elizabeth Kelley

The AmFn software project is developed entirely in the Rust language for both performance and security. In addition to the AmFn Engine, the AmFn Batch Process is a multi-threaded server-based process that can drive one or more AmFn Engines. The AmFn Batch Process comes with multiple sets of integration tests that exercise the Amfn engine with common types of cashflows.

AmFn History

Back in 1996, Scott Kelley had worked as team lead for Metropolitan Mortgage and Securities's MetroCalc project, which was the cashflow calculator for the BrokerNet product, all written in Visual Basic. Years later, Metropolitan Mortgage and Securities closed its business doors.

Many years after, Scott and Elizabeth started the FinerEdge software company. Along with software publishing components, Scott created the FinerEdge Calculator. The FinerEdge Calculator was a completely new cashflow engine written in Java to overcome the limitations of predecessors and additionally offer internationalization, custom expressions, templates, and much more.

AmFn Motivation

There are many reasons why people might pursue altruistic endevours. Our motivation is that as Christians, this project is part of our calling.

AmFn Future

We will focus our time and energy on the technical and domain-related aspects of maintaining and enhancing the AmFn software project. As time permits, Scott will work on another Web Assembly (Wasm) UI component for creating and maintaining templates.

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